Complete List of 10 GiroPay Lottery Sites 2024

GiroPay is a German online banking-based Internet payment method. It has been in operation since February of 2006. Customers can make secure online lottery payouts by utilizing direct online transfers through their bank accounts using this payment method. The payment method is among the most prominent online payment providers. It offers domestic and international financial transaction services.

Over 1,500 German banks participate in the program, which reaches 17 million online payment customers. This represents more than 85% of the German banking market.
Customers confirm GiroPay payments with the second method of verification or with a PIN, depending on their bank.

Complete List of 10 GiroPay Lottery Sites 2024
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About GiroPay

This payment method accounts for 10% of all online transactions. When using it on an online lottery site, customers are redirected to the Giropay website to authenticate a payment, and the success or failure of the payment is immediately communicated. It remains one of the most popular deposit methods used by online lottery players in Germany and Austria.

Safety and accepted countries

Since the customer must validate the payment with their bank, the danger of fraud or unrecognized payments is limited. As a result, punters won't have any chargebacks or funds removed from their online lottery accounts due to disputes. Notably, payments made with GiroPay can be returned up to 180 days after they were made.

Currently, Germany and Austria are the only countries that accept GiroPay. In 2014, the company cooperated with the EPS system, which is used by Austrian banks to enable cross-border payments. If one’s bank does not allow them to use GiroPay to send money, they can use another payment option available for different lottery sites online.

How to make a deposit with GiroPay

When it comes to merging prominent online casino brands with accessible banking methods, GiroPay casinos are a growing industry. Typically, this deposit method provider is linked to a bank account. Users just have to deal with their bank and the online lottery when using a GiroPay online lottery site. Users can make a deposit using their cell phones. All they need is a German bank current account with access to the online banking facility.

Steps to follow

To make a direct deposit with the service provider, users will go to the cashier, either on the website or through the online lottery app on their phone. They will then select "More Payment Methods" from the "Deposit" page to see all available alternatives. Choose "GiroPay" from the drop-down menu and then choose one of the suggested deposit amounts or type in a custom amount in the "Other" area.

Next, they enter the bonus code for the first deposit if available. Log in to the GiroPay website after being redirected, and complete the deposit process by following the on-screen instructions. After the transaction has been validated, funds are credited to the user's account.

The majority of lottery sites do not charge any fees for using this deposit method. However, in addition to the provider’s $0.08 per transaction, the user’s bank charges may differ. Right now, the maximum GiroPay deposit is $5,000 per transaction. This restriction may be lower depending on which online lottery site users choose, as each may have its own set of parameters.

If one needs to make a larger deposit, it will be possible through simple steps. They will just need to make multiple transactions in $5,000 increments until they reach the desired deposit amount. The minimum deposit amount with GiroPay is not specified, but an online lottery operator may set one up for users.

How to make a withdrawal with GiroPay

This technology allows users to withdraw money from their phones as long as they have a current account in Germany with access to online banking. Users must first set up online banking with their bank to utilize this payment method.

They may additionally require a device to create the security code needed for transaction authorization. Some banks use their apps to produce this code. If users prefer to withdraw via GiroPay, they will simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. The withdrawal process is almost the same as depositing with this payment method.

Withdrawal steps

The first step will be for the user to confirm that the casino from which they want to withdraw their winnings accepts GiroPay. They will then go to the withdrawal section of the lottery site online. Then, they will select GiroPay as their chosen payment method and enter the amount they wish to withdraw.

To complete the lottery payouts, check the confirm box trigger that appears on the screen and then click the submit button. The time it takes for each withdrawal to be processed and the fees deducted are mostly determined by the bank.

The provider generally does not have a daily withdrawal limit. Because GiroPay is linked to the bank account, there are no restrictions on how many transactions one can make with it. However, the time it takes for the money to appear in the user's account is determined by the bank one uses.

This payment method charges consumers for each transaction, making it unsuitable for players on a limited budget. This mode of withdrawal can be employed at any time. However, some online lottery casinos may have withdrawal processing restrictions. As a result, users should check with them before making any withdrawals.

Safety and security at GiroPay

The payment processor is well known for its tight security measures. Punters are guaranteed to make completely safe online banking transactions using GiroPay. All transactions and sensitive information are safeguarded by the most advanced security methods available. This payment option is unique not only in terms of ease but also in terms of security.

For secure transmission, GiroPay always employs AES 256-bit encrypted codes under TLS 1.2. PIN and TAN codes (two factors) are also used in the system. These ensure that users will not be defrauded, in addition to providing maximum security when accessing online banking. Account-holders can use the payment facility for free, but traders should verify with their bank or broker for any additional service fees. Brokers may charge a flat fee or a proportion of the number of transactions.

Because users don't have to register to make a deposit, funds are moved instantly from their bank account to their online lottery account. Payments are handled promptly because it is a real-time payment option. However, users should be on the lookout because the time it takes for funds to be processed on the online lottery account can vary, so it's worth double-checking with them ahead of time.

GiroPay customer support options

The payment method is quite convenient, and the customer service team is highly responsive. Users can reach out to the help desk in a variety of ways. However, there is a significant disparity in the time it takes to complete various tasks when using alternative approaches. Mostly, customer support is reachable from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends and holidays.

In an emergency, they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Outside of business hours, support calls are sent to their stand-by service's 24/7 emergency hotline, which is chargeable. Since they are a German firm, their primary language is German. But phone call support is offered in several other languages as well.

Users can also contact the support team by submitting a ticket through the website's About section, which is located at the bottom of their page. Also, the account-managing bank can provide users with more information. One will be provided with their bank’s contacts by reaching out to their social media pages.

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