February 22, 2022

Winning the lottery more than once

Emily Tremblay
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Most people would feel lucky to win a lottery jackpot once in their lifetime.

Winning the lottery more than once

But a very lucky Canadian couple have stuck gold not once, not twice, but THREE times.

Barbara and Douglas Fink of Alberta, Canada have been on the receiving end of Lady Luck's graciousness in 1989, when Douglas shared a $128 000 win in a syndicate with 4 friends, $100 000 in 2010, and then their biggest win being $8.1 million in February 2017. There was another winning jackpot with the same numbers, meaning the Fink's shared the original $16 million jackpot with another player. The winning numbers that brought them their riches were 9, 21, 25, 26, 31 and 41.

The Finks have said that after their success, they are retiring playing the lottery, and will go on an island vacation, buy a new house and share their winnings with their children and grandchildren.

Little has been said about how the Finks have managed to pull of this amazing achievement of winning the lottery three times, so we don't know if they had any specific tips or tricks that helped them.

How to have Lady luck

There are, however, some generally accepted guidelines on how to play the lottery to ensure success. Some of these are:

Avoid quickpick Most lottery winners will tell you to avoid using the easy and quick option of letter a computer select your numbers. Rather, choose your numbers carefully, making sure you have a decent spread across the card. This also links to two other guidelines: 1. consistency and 2. research.

Research When picking which lottery to play and what numbers to select, doing proper research will be the best way to guarantee success. Some lottery have better odds at providing a win, based on how many numbers you have to select from a specified pool of numbers, as well as how many people play. Further, certain numbers generally are picked as winning numbers more often than others. Accordingly, by spending some time doing this research, you could be laying the foundation for a decent win.

Consistency Play the same numbers frequently. A lot of players will play different numbers each week or each draw. This will prevent you from finding success. Rather, be patient and utilize the same numbers in each draw. If you have properly researched your selection and combinations, the numbers will be due to be winning numbers at some point.

Join a syndicate As we can see from the Finks' story, Douglas Finks first win was in fact when he had formed a syndicate with friends. Although a syndicate will see you having to share your winnings with the other members, the more people you play with, the more funds can be pooled together to purchase more tickets and have a greater spread of combinations of numbers across the board, helping to solidify a win.

Be patient and don't give up The Finks' three wins were not in close succession. As mentioned, the Finks' wins were over a period of twenty-eight years, starting in 1989, followed by the second win in 2021 and lastly the third and major win in 2017. Had they stopped playing over their first smaller win, they would never have seen the major win that came later. Do not give up if you do not immediately see a major win.

The Finks are proof that you absolutely can win a lottery more than once. Consistency and patience are key to ensuring that you are one of the lucky ones that may win not only once, but twice or even three times.

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