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One of the most popular lottery games in Malaysia is the 4D Lotto, an acronym for four digits. A player picks four digits between 0 and 9999. Twenty-three numbers are picked in the drawing. Players may opt to play 4D in a few of ways. These options include the standard entry, i-Perm, and the 4D roll. After the completion of the drawing, players may check the official 4D sites to confirm the winning numbers or check with the ticket agent.

Winners must claim prizes within 181 days from the lottery draw date. Here are the steps for claiming winnings.

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How to play 4D Lotto

Standard Entry

With standard entry, a player may choose a certain number, like 2356 and decide to bet SMALL or BIG. If betting BIG, the purchaser may win the third, second, or first prize in addition to the special prize. If betting SMALL, a player may win only the third, second, or first prize.

It costs 1 Ringgit (RM) to buy the ticket in Malaysia. 4D's SMALL betting offers better odds at winning large sums of money than the BIG bet. However, a player may stand a better chance of winning other rewards and consolation prizes.

4D Roll

With 4D Roll, a player may substitute R for a digit of a winning number. The letter R represents digits ranging from 0 to 9. For example, if a player substitutes R for the number above, 2356 becomes R356, giving the ticket buyer 10 entries from 0356 to 9356. The player may choose to place the R in the place of any digit of the number, such as 2R56 or 235R. Since playing the Roll variants represents 10 entries, the cost is 10 RM.

Insurance Permutation

Buying the Insurance Permutation gives the ticket holder a number of variations. The player's entry includes variations on his or her 4D number. For example, the 2356 number may have 24 variations or permutations, such as 2536, 2653, or 5326. With i-Perm, a player chooses how many permutations he wants to purchase, including 24, 12, 6, or 4.

The cost varies depending on the number of permutations chosen. A player may select numbers for each type of entry manually or with the Quick Pick, which allows the computer to randomly choose numbers for the player. Neither method guarantees a win.

Special Draw

In Malaysia and other countries, 4D Lotto is a popular game, which attracts a vast number of participants. Even though the proceeds from 4D special draws have declined in recent years, players are still buying tickets. In 2019, Malaysia's finance ministry collected more than RM 113 million. By 2020, that figure had dropped to nearly 73 million RM. Still, the 4D game remains popular.

Even in the midst of the pandemic some players are purchasing special draw 4D tickets, even if not as much as in 2019. By September of 2021, the finance ministry is reporting only RM 38 million in revenue from 4D special draws.

Apps to help you play 4D Lotto

Mayago app and similar software offer players a way to analyze 4D lottery trends, Available in a variety of languages, such as German, Japanese, English, and Chinese, users may switch between languages, depending upon the lottery game of choice.

In addition, the apps support 4-digit and 3-digit lottery games, allowing users to easily update game results, receive number recommendations, and highlight trends and patterns in consecutive draws.

Lottery app users may explore each possible number, including exact matches and permutations. By scrutinizing the numbers from historic draws, the player may understand even, odd, high, and low combinations. This information is invaluable for making an informed ticket number selection, giving valuable insight for analysis.

Lottery apps also provide functional support in the way of exporting statistics and generating number recommendations, based upon statistical analysis. For the player, a lottery app is a valued partner in generating probable numbers, analyzing historical lottery data, and tracking past draws.

Odds 4D Lotto

BIG Odds

Winning BIG is easier, because the BIG 4D offers the best odds, even if the prizes are smaller. With 23 numbers and 5 separate winning levels. Three ticket numbers will win in the first three categories. The 20 remaining numbers are split, leaving 10 winning numbers for the special reward category, and the remaining 10 for the consolation reward category. The following represent prizes awarded to BIG players.

  • 1st prize - RM 2,500
  • 2nd prize - RM 1,000
  • 3rd prize - RM 500.
  • Special reward - RM 180
  • Consolation reward - RM 60

SMALL Forecast

4D SMALL winnings are higher than the BIG prizes. However, there are fewer winners and less chances to win. Out of 23 drawn numbers, only three prizes are available to players. Winnings are distributed according to the following schedule in Malaysia.

  • 1st prize - RM 3,500
  • 2nd prize - RM 2,000
  • 3rd prize – RM 1,000

Claiming 4D Lotto Prizes

Winners must provide a passport or identification along with the ticket. In Malaysia, a player winning less than 60,000 RM may collect funds from 4D outlets. Winnings more than RM 60,000, but less than 2,000,000, players may collect the prize money from the 4D regional office.

For winnings greater than 2,000,001 RM, players must claim the prize from the 4D administrative headquarters. For Magnum 4D, winners must travel to Kuala Lumpur. Appointments are required to officially collect prize money.

In Malaysia, lottery officials hold 4D drawings on Sundays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays. Special drawings are held on some days, usually drawn on Tuesdays. An operator must have Ministry authorization to hold a special draw. Players may hear about these special draws at events such as birthdays of rulers or Chinese New Year.

Ticket agents notify players about a special draw about 7 days prior to the draw date. Lottery operators are authorized by the government. Players may choose between authorized companies, such as ToTo 4D, Magnum 4D, STC, or Sabah. In winning large sums, players must go to claim amounts above RM 2,000,001 directly from the respective company's headquarters.

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