The Most Prestigious European Lotteries



In Europe, there are various exciting lottery draws. Everybody can participate in these European jackpots, which boast some of the world's largest and most spectacular draws.

The Most Prestigious European Lotteries

Transnational Lottery Games

These games can be found in several nations on the continent. Awards are usually big because of the vast number of competitors. EuroMillions and EuroJackpot are now the continent's only international lotteries.

National Lottery

These tickets can only be purchased inside the boundaries of the countries selling them. One of Europe's oldest lotteries, La Primitiva, is a favorite among Spaniards thanks to its jackpot cap-free model.

Also, the Polish Mini Lotto has daily draws and affordable tickets.

Raffles, Superdraws, and Special Draws in Europe

These three draws assist gamers in winning an additional prize.


Lottery raffles are held concurrently with the main draw. They provide players with an additional chance to win without matching any of the numbers. Spain's EuroMillions El Million and Austria's EuroMillions ÖsterreichBonus are two of Europe's largest lottery draws.


EuroMillions Superdraws are lottery events that occur multiple times a year. The regular jackpot award has been increased to $130 million.

Special Draws

Unique draws are held during major holidays such as New Year, Christmas, and local events like Independence Day. These frequently include increased jackpots, raffles, or extra draws.

Every Easter, Italy hosts the much-anticipated Pasqua raffle. 100 lucky players can win a whopping $100,000 raffle prize when they play SuperEnalotto. On Friday the 13th, the French Loto doubles its jackpot to $13 million and adds a raffle.

The Largest Lottery Jackpots in Europe

With seven correct numbers, EuroMillions gives the largest continental jackpot payouts. Typically, the award begins at around $17 million. The award has already reached a high of $ 220 million. The current prize ceiling, however, is $230 million. If the prize pool hits the cap, the reward will be increased by $10 million, up to $250 million.

The lottery, which began in 2004, includes nine European countries. The draws happen in Paris weekly Tuesday and Friday at 20:45 C.E.T.

The SuperEnalotto is Europe's most significant national lottery. A record of $209 million was paid out in August 2019. For more than 18 months, the award was the most prominent European lottery prize.

EuroJackpot is a multi-national lottery that began in 2012. Players from 18 nations are eligible to participate. The weekly jackpot may be worth up to $120 million. The draws occur every Tuesday and Friday at 19:00 GMT in Helsinki, Finland.

European Lottery Winners

Over seven million winning tickets have received over $105 million in lottery prizes. In October 2021, a lucky online player from Southeast Europe won a $41.3 million EuroMillions prize.

After purchasing a three-line EuroMillions entry in July 2019, South Korean lottery player H.S.L. matched a millionaire-making El Millón raffle prize. The player was not only the Lottery's first El Millón raffle winner, but it was also their first significant lottery victory.

After only a few months of playing online, S.K., a driver from Moscow, won an $824,000 Austria Lotto prize in February 2016.


Which European lotteries have the best winning odds?
Smaller lotteries have the best probability because of the narrower guess ranges and rewards. Players can participate in the Polish Mini Lotto, the Italian SuperEnalotto, or the Austria Lotto.

Are lottery wins in Europe taxed?
Lottery wins may be tax-free in some European nations, but they might be taxed in others. Players should always get advice from a tax expert in their home country.

Is it possible for foreigners to play the European lottery online?
Any European online lottery can be played from anywhere in the world. To participate in the continent's spectacular draws, players do not need to be European citizens or even physically present in Europe.

What is the most effective method for winning the best online lotteries in Europe?
There is no such thing as a lottery-winning approach. Playing the lottery is the first step toward becoming a European lottery winner.

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