Is It Possible to Win a Lottery Twice a Week?



Who said that women couldn't win lotteries? For many people, gambling has been a men's thing. However, that myth seems to be debunked now, given that the number of women who play games of chance, such as lottery, has never been higher. Lottery? Did anyone hear that? Yes, man or woman, lotteries are games for all. Now, before looking at a woman who beat the bookmakers twice in a span of one week, it would be wise first to know what lotteries are.

Is It Possible to Win a Lottery Twice a Week?

Lottery explained

Lotteries are games of chance in which players pay to select one or more lucky numbers. Once the numbers have been selected, the lottery organization then draws the lottery results and awards prizes based on all correct lottery selections.

In a lottery, players can win a few bucks or get lucky and win thousands. There are many lotteries all over the world. Some countries have been running their lotteries for decades, while others just started them recently. People who want some excitement in life try out lotteries because it gives them a chance to win prizes.

Is it possible to win a lottery?

Of course, lotteries are possible to win. If it weren't possible to win, people would not be playing it. In fact, the sheer number of people who try their luck at this game says it all. Therefore, a lottery can be won by anyone who plays carefully and has some luck on their side as well. The key is to find reputable lotteries, where the player's money is safe.

A woman wins lottery twice in three days

As they say, luck knocks only once at one's door. However, in the case of one Australian woman, it knocked twice in three days. Yes, three days, not even a week! Isn't that ridiculous? This can be difficult to believe, considering that thousands, if not millions of people, have been trying to win lotteries all their lives but have not succeeded even once. Religious people would say she must have been a prayerful woman. But how did this happen?

First of all, the woman's name is yet to be revealed. However, what is in the public domain is that she hails from Caboolture, Brisbane. Her first win came in the form of £9,704. While this is not a huge amount, it's not pocket change for most people either. Yes, there is really no big news here, isn't it? 

The win came on a Monday, but it was on Wednesday that lottery luck struck the woman again, this time around, harder. As reported by the Caboolture Shire Herald, it was a whopping £1.58million jackpot. What are the odds of this happening to one person more so when playing the famous Gold Lotto? The probability is perhaps 0.000001.

At first, it might appear as if this woman just had a streak of good luck. But, lottery winners often say that it is not about luck but rather hard work and determination.

Still shocked

According to the woman, the news of her second win was still sinking in. In an interview with the Caboolture Shire Herald, she said she could not believe it. Asked what she would use the money for, she said she had not yet decided. Does hassle-free life await her? Yes. She said she would embark on such things as golfing, and who doesn't know what that means!

What can lottery players learn from the story above?

The first lesson is that anyone can win a lottery at any time, irrespective of their gender. It doesn't matter whether one won yesterday; they can still win today. Secondly, while lotteries are games of chance, hard work and dedication may also pay off.

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